About Rafael Ricardo Guarín

Colombian architect who has devoted his career to find the best way to provide a healthy habitat, ecological and sustainable.

Throughout his career several tools used to achieve the best practices that can potentially provide a home or business. Feng Shui has offered the architect, a comprehensive tool next to the bioclimatic, dowsing and bio-construction, a well-defined alternatives to meet the needs of its clients.



Microwaves make waves to travel and bounce within the appliance itself heating food as particles are pushed to move faster.

Once the appliance has finished heating our food, the waves keep bouncing for a while, even after opening the device’s door to get our food, which can be dangerous. Such exposure to waves can be unhealthy.

Mr. Guarin’s advice is to count to seven before opening the appliance’s door, making sure you are not facing the door, but behind it to decrease irrigation. Another good one is to avoid placing devices or appliances at your head level as they can directly irradiate your head when they are in use.


Light and Color

  • If you have a small and dark room with no natural light reaching it, use light, warm colors for the walls such as light orange. If light colors are not your favorite, then you can always use strong colors to make it lighter. Just make sure just one wall is painted with the strong color you choose.

  • If your work place is a physician’s office, or a regular office or a warehouse, you would like to paint one of the walls using neutral colors.

  • If what you need is to create things, then paint your walls with strong or ‘fruity’ colors.



Avoid full length mirrors in social settings as conversation can break down and people feel tempted to look at themselves as much as they can.

If you have placed a mirror at the entrance of your place or work site, make sure it is not larger than a person’s size; its effect is similar to a mirror in a social setting. In addition, makes magnetic stuff to invade your home. The ideal size must show people’s heart and face, but no larger than that.

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